Sankofa – Our African Heritage

The Sankofa magazine will produce a vigorous course of study covering our origin, history, identity, and accomplishments of our immediate and ancient ancestors. We will defend our culture and spirituality fearlessly like it has never been done before using materials from the temples and buildings of Kemet(Ancient Egypt), other forgotten empires and cultures on the

Continent, literature from our great educators and scholars, and inspiration from our elders. We will encourage critical thinking and analysis, honesty and fearlessness from intimidation.

We must return to our roots so that we can be brave enough to take back our continent and develop it for all African people.

As the Honorable Marcus Garvey reminded us: “Africa is for the African”.


We will feature current events that affect Africans from news on the continent and in the diaspora.

  • African Identity – Who is African and who belongs in Africa?
  • Establishing the Origin of Man and Woman in Africa 200,000 years ago by science not religion
  • Early forms of Humans – Evolution of humans
  • Establishment of Civilization in Africa (Origin of early societies and family groups in Africa)
  • African migrations within Africa
  • African migration to populate the world
  • How we know what we Know (Anthropology, Paleontology, radiometric dating methods)
  • Why Africans have the most complex DNA of all humans living today and what it means
  • Culture as a system of Laws and Rules that started in Africa
  • Growth of mini states in pre and post Kemetic (Egypt) Africa
  • The First World Empire – Kemet (before Egypt)
  • Origins of the Kemetic Empire, Dynasties, and the Great Kings and Queens
  • What we can learn from the successes and failures of Kemet
  • Descendants of the Kemites are still here but where?
  • The rise of White Supremacy and its effects on Black people
  • Fall of Kemet – Persian, Greek and Roman Conquest
  • Africa’s nightmare – The Conquest of Egypt by Arabs
  • Chattel slavery, torture and genocide by Arabs
  • European conquest and slavery of Africans
  • Judaism – a religion of arrogance – a chosen people by whom?
  • Islam – a religion of violence and terrorism
  • Christianity – a religion to promote and perpetuate White Supremacy over Africans
  • Dividing Africa for Europeans – Partitioning
  • Mental slavery, ignorance and genocide by Christianity, Judaism and Islam
  • Slavery and forced labor in lands of enslavement
  • Political slavery by neo-colonialism
  • Complacency, fear and lack of vision by African leaders
  • Tribute to our ancestors and fearless leaders who were eliminated by White Supremacy
  • Action Now! – Solutions to our problems
  • A new vision for Africa and African people
  • Re-Africanization of the de-Africanized Africans – Embracing our Africaness
  • The REVOLUTION to take back our continent – Mobilization of the brave to take back our Continent
  • African Republic – One Government for all African people
  • Structure of a single protagonist and collaborative African government (uniquely African)
  • The African constitution – role of men, women and the young
  • Re-stablishing MAAT as spirituality and culture for Africans
  • Integration of the extra continental Black Countries into the African Government – Caribbean, Central America, Bahia, Ceara (Black Brazil) and other island countries
  • Our role and participation in standing up and restoring Africa to its greatness
  • The roadmap for establishing one African Government – how to get there from here
  • Benefits of Republic of Africa:
  • Control and consolidation of all our resources
  • Promotion of free trade and commerce within economic development of the entire continent – north to south, east to west
  • Establishment of industries to produce finished goods in our own factories with our raw materials
  • Infrastructure development – railways, roads, electricity grids,
  • Workforce training,
  • Immigration and repatriation of the African diaspora of diaspora and land distribution
  • Establishment of Imhotep schools of Medicine, Engineering,

Technology, Architecture, Science etc. across the continent and in the diaspora for a professional workforce and research.

  • Military – Establishment of the Africa High Command consisting of Air Command, Land Command, Sea

Command, and Internal Security

  • Why and how we can defeat and kill White Supremacy

And more…

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