The Three Mesiahs


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Three Messiahs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – Schemes for World Conquest by Genocide

The three so-called major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – put emphasis on expectation of a savior who will save a chosen few as a basis of a new human society after the ‘old world’ has been swept away by a violent revolution at the hands of their Messiah.

SO all are waiting either for end of times by the messiah or an Armageddon by the Messiah. Major upheavals in society will accompany this revolution by the Messiah whenever he shows up. All the kingdoms of the world (governmental systems) whether they are democratic, autocratic, dictatorships, and monarchies constituted by man will be removed and a permanent kingdom of the Messiah installed in Israel or Saudi Arabia. This will be the only government that will exist for all of the remaining days of mankind, actually eternity. Any opposition to it will be mercilessly crushed.

This book attempts to explore the origin of this phenomenon – The Messianic King and Kingdom – and how its link to eschatological theology affects many African people whether they consider themselves ‘Black Jews’, Christians or Mohammedans.

I believed this proposition for many years. It never occurred to me to question why this world kingdom was to be in the hands and control of a Jew, a White man or an Arab and not an African considering the fact that the origin of civilized society with systems of self-governance and spirituality or deism, was in Africa more than 200,000 years ago. (Humanity originated from Africa more than 300,000 years ago according to archaeology and anthropology.)

Most Africans, subscribe to the belief systems of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions that exclude Africans from the power structure of the Messiah. We have been conditioned to accept positions of inferiority and servitude. We have accepted the teachings of these religions and remain passive to the exploitation of our minds, lands and resources. We pray, sing and wait for their gods to ‘save’ us. We spend countless hours promoting a foreign king without challenging it. Why, because we are taught to identify with a Messianic aspiration to the end the world where only believers will be saved and extracted to heaven. This fear has gripped African people and it exacts a heavy toll on our time, finances, intellectual development, self-worth, self-awareness, knowledge and resources.

This book examines the political agenda of these religions camouflaged as theology to deceive mankind to accept the people as special people from god with authority to rule and control humanity. The violence they have perpetrated belie their claim of being loving and peaceful institution for world peace.

They are are not peaceful, loving or neighborly. On the contrary, they are responsible for a lot of deaths of people they consider to be pagan. That is, people who refuse to controlled by them. All the major wars have been waged by them against each other and against the world.

The world will be better of without Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


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