Take Back Africa Now


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African everywhere are deeply concerned about the future of our continent and people. Since Europeans, decided to carve up Africa for themselves 135 years ago, they have siphoned raw materials from Africa to European industrial hubs for processing, finishing, and marketing. China is developing China with Africa’s raw materials to become an industrial, military, and economic superpower while Africa languishes in extreme poverty and corrupt governments.

They wonder why Africa, the richest continent on the planet, has its sons and daughters as the poorest people, the most uneducated people, the most brainwashed people, the most ignorant people, and the most abused and misused people, the most vulnerable people on the planet. We are being killed by White Supremacists in America, Arabic countries,  and by Jewish economic exploitation, and China hegemony. Africans waste a lot of time praying to unknown gods imposed on them by their conquerors to save them from their violent conquerors. So they have become the most unproductive people.

There is a need for radical and liberating transformation in the thinking of African people. Africans need to be decolonized from European indoctrination and brainwashing and start energetically embracing African nationalism and a spirit of possessiveness of Africa. When we start believing that all of Africa, not the just the pieces that Europeans parcelled out to us as colonies, we can together, fight and recapture all of the continent and its resources – lands, minerals, forests, wildlife and other bounties that became a target of European colonialism and imperialism in the very first place.

It will require nothing less than a radical political revolution across the continent to shut down the colonial systems put in place, which only benefits Europe, America, and China but hinders the development of and impoverish African people.

We need to face the reality of where we are as a people and ‘race’ and organize a worldwide mass movement to fight for change. Africa needs an overhaul and a fresh start.

The book, “Take Back Africa Now!” will inspire African people, at home and abroad (the African Diaspora, the Caribbean, and other Islands countries) to see Africa in a different light. It will encourage them to see Africa as their hereditary possession, deeded to them by their ancestors and to no one else, and take a stand to take it back from the international conspirators of killers and exploiters.


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