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The Purpose of “The African Heritage Sankofa”

This publication has been developed to address all the issues that affect the global African family but we are afraid to discuss. African people are in a state of disrepair worldwide. We can point fingers at a lot of culprits responsible for our situation

We have done this for more than five hundred years. Various attempts have been made in the past with varying successes and failures. But it seems we are not making the progress needed to lift up our people so we are at a standstill. More pessimistic ones among us will say that we are retrogressing in a number of fronts. For a long time, there has been a lot of talking, complaining, and praying.  But our condition remains unchanged – without improvement.

The pages of this booklet will bravely, courageously, conscientiously bring to you not only commentary on social issues, but provide SOLUTIONS to our problems and how we can regain a sound footing again. Our objective is to empower African people to focus on the big picture of taking back the continent we have lost from our conquerors who continue to enslave us economically, politically and spiritually. We can take it back put it back together in one piece, control our resources and use them to develop it for the Global African Family (GAF). This we believe is the only solution that can lift up all our people from oppression, poverty, mental enslavement.

Before that takes place, we have to condition ourselves and prepare our minds for the REVOLUTION. Yes, it is going to require revolution in all its DIMENSIONS to take back our continent. It is going to take honesty in all of us to confront the problems we face and come together for a common purpose. So we will discuss ALL the issues here with integrity. Some may be offended by the frankness of the publication. We cannot let emotionalism of others to deter us from the revolution. The revolution will go forward without the weak-minded who will try to discourage or weaken our resolve.

A lot of our leaders on the continent and outside the continent are corrupt, obscenely corrupt. They profit from the exploitation of African people and will cooperate with the global system of exploitation. We have news for them. The time has come for us to take back our land, our continent because Africa, every inch of Africa, belongs to African people and we will not let it go to the capitalist system of exploitation.

We need strong-minded Africans for this revolution. We must take Africa back for the sake of future generations of Africans and preserve our race in perpetuity.

Goals of Sankofa

The goal of the Afrocentric ‘Sankofa – Our African Heritage’ publication is to reeducate our people on their Africaness. We will be fearless and vigorous in promoting Afrocentric education to African families.

‘Sankofa’ is an Akan verb which literally means return, recover, take back or pick up what you have left behind. In deed African people have a lot to recover. We have a lot to relearn about our ancestors and forbearers. There is an Akan proverb that says: “When you grab the head of the snake the rest of it is a rope”. You can control the rest of the body by dragging it around without fear of a poisonous bite. The African head is in the grip of Europeans. They accomplished this by miseducation in their educational system, religion, economics, political system and bankrupt culture.

The Sankofa booklet will produce a vigorous course of study covering our origin, history, identity, and accomplishments of our immediate and ancient ancestors. We will defend our culture and spirituality fearlessly like it has never been done before using materials from the temples and buildings of Kemet, other unknown empires and cultures on the continent, literature from our great educators and scholars and inspiration from our elders. We will encourage critical thinking and analysis, honesty and fearlessness from intimidation.

We must return to our roots so that we can be brave enough to take back our continent and develop it for all African people. As the Honorable Marcus Garvey reminded us: “Africa is for the African”.

The following are some of the topics we will address in ‘Sankofa’:

  • African Identity – Who is African?
  • Establishing the Origin of the original Man and Woman in Africa 200,000 years ago by science not religion
  • Early forms of Humans – Evolution of humans
  • Establishment of Civilization in Africa (Early societies and family groups in Africa)
  • African migrations within Africa
  • How we know what we Know (Anthropology, Paleontology)
  • Our Complex DNA
  • African migration to populate the world
  • Organizing into Civilized (settled) societies
  • Culture as system of Law and Rules
  • Growth of mini Empires
  • The First World Empire
  • The Kemitic Empire, Dynasties and the Great Kings and Queens
  • What we can learn from the successes and failures of Kemet
  • Descendants of the Kemites are still here
  • The rise of White Supremacy
  • Fall of Kemet – Persian, Greek and Roman Conquest
  • Africa’s nightmare – The Conquest of Egypt by Arabs
  • Chattel slavery, torture and genocide by Arabs
  • European conquest and slavery of Africans
  • Dividing Africa for Europeans
  • Colonialism in Africa
  • Slavery and forced labor in lands of enslavement
  • Effects of colonialism, partitioning, and slavery on the psyche of African generations
  • Mental slavery by religions
  • Political slavery by neo-colonialism
  • Complacency, Fear and lack of vision by African leaders
  • Action Now! – Solutions to our problems
  • A new vision for Africa and African people
  • Re-Africanization of the African
  • Embracing our Africaness
  • The REVOLUTION to take back our continent
  • Mobilizing to take back our Continent
  • Structure of a single government for Africa
  • The African constitution – role of men, women and children
  • Re-stablishing MAAT as a religion and culture for Africans
  • Integration of extra continental Black Countries into Africa Government
  • Our role and participation in restoring Africa to its greatness
  • Structure of the African Government – uniquely African
  • The roadmap for establishing Africa Government
  • Economic development of the entire continent – Industries, infrastructure development, workforce training, immigration of diaspora and land distribution
  • Establishment of Imhotep schools of Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Architecture across the continent for a professional workforce
  • Free Trade and commerce in the New Africa
  • Benefits of One Africa now and future to all Africans
  • More, more and more

We will comment on current events that affect Africans from news on the continent and in the diaspora. We will accept comments on any of the articles covered in the booklet. You can submit them online to

We reserve the right to publish any questions and comments that we feel is beneficial to our family and readers. In the meantime enjoy reading “Sankofa – Reclaiming Our Heritage”, don’t sit back get involved as a soldier of this great revolution!

Reference is made to the book “We Are All Africans – Exposing the Negative Influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions on Africans (WAAA).

It is a monthly publication for now but may be published semimonthly next year as readership increases. This booklet can be used for family weekly study. This can stimulate conversation around the family table and help raise young Africans to be critical thinkers and leaders. We need fearless leaders to lead us out of this quagmire of we find ourselves.

Kwadwo Obeng, Managing Editor

Publishers: We Are All Africans, Inc., California

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