Exposing The Negative Influence Of The Judeo-christian-islamic Religions On Africans



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We Are All Africans:

Exposing the Negative Influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions on Africans

By Kwadwo D. Obeng


Growing up as a fundamentalist Christian with strong faith and convictions, Kwadwo Obeng had a tendency to push the boundaries of his own tradition.

Instead of just accepting what he was born into, Obeng felt compelled to break with his own sheltered reality in order to find answers to the most pressing and difficult questions one can ask: Why are we supposed to profess faith in the Christian God, Trinity, the Jewish God, Yahweh, the Islamic God, Allah, but not African Gods such Asaase Yaa and Onyakopon Kwame? Are these Gods really the Creator(s) of the universe? Are all humans descendants of Adam as the ‘Holy Books’ such as The Bible and Koran promote? Can we reconcile the scientific evidence available to us and experiential reality with the teachings of the Holy Books?

Now, as the result of a lifetime of truth-seeking and comparative study of traditional religious texts against Paleolithic, anthropological, and geological evidence, author Kwadwo Obeng is pleased to present We Are All Africans: Exposing the Negative Influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions on Africans (Two Harbors Press; May 2009; 978-1-935097-31-0; $69.95). Positioned for a diverse audience, We Are All Africans challenges the teachings of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions from an African perspective. Readers of the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith will discover an honest evaluation of their religious teachings and the effects on society.

Drawing from history, science and experiential reality, We Are All Africans evaluates the Bible’s stories and concludes that since the fossil record, radiometric dating, tracing of Y-Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA, and melanin establish Africa as the origin of man hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago, Africans and their descendants did not and could not descend from Adam and inherit his sin. Therefore, they do not need Jesus as a savior or Moses and Mohammed as their prophets or intermediaries for redemption of sin.

About the Author:

Kwadwo D. Obeng has studied ancient religious texts as well as the scientific bases that refute it, for well over forty years. His influence and inspiration is strongly rooted in Black leaders such as Malcom X, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, President Nelson Mandela, founding freedom fighters like Ida Wells and Frederick Douglass, and contemporary social justice crusaders like Oprah Winfrey and Randall Robinson. He resides in California.

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