Origin of Christianity

Christianity is the second of the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As the name implies, it was named after a Jew who was born and raised in Israel. He was acknowledged as a Jewish Rabbi and started a movement to reform Judaism, which in his view had deviated from the pure form of the religion and commandments of Moses, the founder of Judaism.

According to the New Testament Bible, he was born towards the end of the last century of the period before the Christian Era. The exact date and of his birth are unknown. Contrary to what many believe, Jesus was not a Christian. Christianity did not exist in his lifetime.

The movement that later became Christianity was organized by Jesus’’ disciples after his death on the 14th of the Jewish month Nissan in the year 33 C.E. Many biographies were written by anonymous authors. These include the gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Mary, and James.
There are others who dispute the historicity of a man named Jesus because his story is only found in the book of the Old Testament. All of the books were written by people who claimed to be his disciples, even though most important of the books – Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John – were written in the third person. This implies that they were not eye-witnesses of the events they wrote. They wrote what they were told to write by unknown dictators. Therefore, making these books hearsay. All of the biographies were written more than thirty years after his death. There are so many discrepancies between the narratives of the accounts that they raise suspicion on their veracity.
Since Jesus himself did not write anything about himself or his activities, to enable us to use his writings to compare and contrast with the accounts written about him in the gospels, no other contemporary secular historian recorded anything about him. His existence according to the gospels, raises a lot of questions.
Christian theology claims that Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary. This implies that his mother, Mary did not have sex with a man. This is highly controversial since all male children receive Y-Chromosome from the sperm of a biological father. The Y-Chromosome is what is used to trace the paternity of any boy. Besides, the Y-Chromosome is needed to be paired with the X-Chromosome of a mother’s egg for any zygote to develop to form a fetus. Every one of the more than 5 billion cells in a fetus of a boy receives the Y-Chromosome. Without it, cells of boys will never form. No boy has been born with male features without Y-Chromosome in their cells. This is biologically impossible.

Godship of Jesus

Christian theology promotes Jesus as a god. Some go as far as to claim that he is the creator of the universe who came to earth to save the world as the Promised Messiah of Judaism. However, because he did not fulfill the requirements of the Messiah according to Judaism, he was and still is rejected as a Messiah of Jewish people even though Christians accept him as such.
(For more details, please see the book: “The Three Messiahs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”).
There is no text in the Bible to support the claim that he promoted himself as the creator of the universe. His mother and stepfather Joseph never accepted him as a god. His siblings, like James and Jude, never spoke of their brother as a god.

Questions about Jesus:

Christians, Jews, Arabs, Atheists and Agnostics have asked many questions about Jesus since he was deified by the Roman Catholic Church in 325 A.D. You may have your own questions too. A few of the questions are:

  • So how and when did Jesus come to be recognized as a god, and who was responsible for
  • elevating the dead Jesus to the position of one of a god and one of the Triune or Trinitarian God – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost worshipped in Christianity?
  • Since men create their gods, what men were instrumental in ‘creating’ Jesus as god?
  • Would Jesus approve the theology of elevating him to the same position as his father, Yahweh, knowing full well that it is a violation of the first Jewish Ten Commandment that states: ‘You must have no other gods besides me,’ as commanded by Moses?
  • Can Jesus save the world?
  • How did Jesus feel about Black people?
  • Is Jesus a White man’s god?
  • Is Jesus coming to ‘save’ the world or destroy it at the end of times? (He cannot do both at the same time as the New Testament and Christians claim and pray for.)

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