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Book Review of We Are All Africans

The beauty of Professor Kwadwo Obeng’s work is that he carefully and assiduously looks at the effects of Christianity, Judaism and Islam upon African descended people. More expansive than simply an examination of racism he directly works on how religion and the religious have imposed or decreed identity and social control over African people and their descendants. The tracking and questioning of how historically the most powerful organizations, churches, have deliberately attacked, cajoled, controlled and blocked African people is startling. What’s more startling is the after effects and how they manifest themselves today all throughout the world. I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Professor Obeng and talking with him about his work as well as reading it and was blown away by the things I didn’t know. And I consider myself, having taught Black literature and history for years, conscious and aware of raciality on Earth. You should add this to your library because it adds an international and psychologically international perspective to the understanding of race, religion and racism. We generally don’t consider what the major religions of the world have intentionally done in regards to racism because we want religion to alleviate our stresses and heighten and enlighten our spirits. However we have a responsibility to illuminate ourselves as to how race and religion intersect and Prof. Obeng has done an excellent job in compiling an 800 page volume going exhaustively through history, sexuality, race, continents and identity to push the question of how we balance our entrance into the 21st century and attempting to solve the mental illness of racism.
  –Kyle Phoenix

Mr. Obeng has written an excellent book that touches one of the most controversial issues, which is religion. I was completely enthralled by his writing from page one, and fell deeper and deeper into its spell as I turned the pages and kept reading. So spellbound was I at times that I forgot more than once that I was supposed to be editing Mr. Obeng’s writing and not just reading a fascinating book.
This book must be read with a clear and open mind in order to be enjoyed to its fullest; the reader must leave his personal beliefs aside and be very honest with himself when turning the pages, and he will find himself recognizing issues that had probably dwelled in his mind for years – as I did. Read it! You will never regret the time spent with it.
–Christina Brett Author of: Old Sins Cast Long Shadows, Michigan

Anyone who wants to think seriously about their religion should read this powerful and passionate critique of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Mr. Obeng challenges believers to confront some troubling but significant facts and truths about their faith. While I do not agree with everything that Mr. Obeng asserts, I found his book engaging and provocative.
–Phil Zuckerman, Ph.D. Author of: Society Without God.

Mr. Obeng provides us with a series of keen observations in this book. At once exacting in detail and comprehensive in scope, we are treated to a major work on science, logic, and mythology that is reader friendly and generous in facts. I am proud to recommend this contribution to the field of religious study, and eager to see it on bookshelves across the landscape. Particularly compelling is Mr. Obeng’s ability to cull together a number of different disciplines ranging from anthropology to astrophysics, and then combine them to make a case for humanism in an age sorely in need of reason.
-Harry Lennix, CA

As an avid reader of various works on the subject of African history and culture, I must admit that Kwadwo Obeng’s “We Are All Africans” was a rare treat. Kwadwo’s deep analysis and accurate data has catapulted my interest in conducting further research into the depth of influence western indoctrination has on the African culture today. It is beyond comprehension how any African scholar and educator can continue with credibility without referring to this dynamic book.
– Kwame Afari, Atlanta, GA

This excellent book puts African centered scholarship on an entirely new level. Though many authors have dealt with the ‘religiosity’ & ‘spirituality’ of Africa & Africans, Mr Obeng’s unified thesis on the scientific origins of the human species & the development of aboriginal spiritual thought and its latter, historical metamorphosed impact as Islam, Judaism and Christianity on contemporary Africans & descendants through-out the world, offers new insights and a fresh perspective. Many will come away from reading this well written work, encountering well known facts & ideas juxtaposed within an ‘African centered’ referential context along the way, with new insights as well as with satisfied answers & even further questions. Overall this is an interesting read that will spur the honest researcher, scholar and the interested public alike to further research & study on the many fascinating subjects covered in this tome. It should be required reading in institutions of higher learning everywhere. As after all, as Mr. Obeng thoroughly establishes, We Are All Africans.
 Akini Africa “AA”, Los Angeles, CA

Kwadwo Obeng’s book is an incisive overview and analysis of the insidious legacy of Abrahamic religions’ colonizing impact on people of African descent. His careful deconstruction of biblical and Islamic texts is a must for any scholar or layperson interested in understanding why these corrosive traditions have had such a powerful hold on communities of color. By framing his critique in the history of Western imperialist and colonialist conquest Obeng compellingly illustrates why contemporary religious indoctrination should be rejected. This book is critical for gaining insight into the intersections of white supremacy, racial apartheid, theocracy and internalized racism.
–Dr. Sikivu F. Hutchinson, Los Angeles, CA

I found this book so interesting that soon after I started I couldn’t put it down. So many of the comments made describe the same trauma experienced by me and my people here in Australia. As an indigenous elder and traditional carer of Uluru I have had my own indigenous belief systems and philosophies, as well as cultural teachings put down by the Colonisers. From the time they first arrived the colonisers themselves couldn’t understand or live what they were teaching. They broke every law or command of the religion-based teachings they were forcing us to live by. This attitude still exists; those in authority continue to disallow our own culture and push their teachings on us which they themselves don’t live. They have exacted horrific trauma and damage to the land, my people, and the ecosystem. Their hypocritical example has made their words and actions meaningless. Their teachings jump all over the place. Our cultural practices never change, and we didn’t steal ours from another culture and country- it belongs to the people who live here, sustaining us and the environment in peace and harmony for many thousands of years. It is so good to see someone else writing these same truths. It is good to read what Mr. Obeng has written from truth and depth of research. I compliment and praise him for what he’s done, and will always admire his work. I recommend this book to everyone i know who wants to know what happens when teachings are taken and abused by Colonisers who put down other truths and other good spiritual practices. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to know the truth about how the future has been stolen from our children.
— Tjilpi Bob Randall, Yankunytjatjara Nation, Uluru Australia

As George Carlin once said “Religion and Commerce have all but ruined the human race.” This is a well research work by Mr. Obeng from the religion point of view backed by science. While Mr. Obeng critically analyzed Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions, he offered a deep rooted solution. We are all Africans exposes the ills of white supremacy/ racism, and emphatically made the point that there is only one race: the human race.
— Bayo Inubile, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Kwadwo Obeng has done considerable research in putting together a critique of the major religions, showing their human origins and encouraging all Africans (and we are all Africans) to reject ideologies that have done great harm to humans in general, and recent denizens of Africa in particular.
– R. Blocher “thplatypus” (North Hollywood, CA USA)

Book Review of Indictment

This book is a must read. It exposes the incredibility of the bible, from Genesis to Revelations. It also examines the stories in the bible and shows how deficient they are in facts and common sense. I recommend it to all, especially to those who believe that the bible is the inerrant word of god.
– Winnie, Los Angeles, CA

As a 40-something US citizen and Southern Baptist Christian, I was curious on what this book contained. Doubtful on how large an impact it would make, I began to read it. Page after page, I found my mind blown away as the content chipped away at every fiber of my prior teachings. I became enlightened, confused, and ever more saddened by the lost history and false history that lies within the cells of my being and plays out in various character-dissecting forms. All praise to the author for recognizing the grossly overlooked need to formulate this narrative to breathe new life into African ancestry from an applied-lies perspective. I have chosen to read this history in very slow waves as I find myself choked up after learning new facts and unraveling rage as some of the gems of African religious practices are relayed. While I have yet to complete the book, I am sure that digestion will fuel more hunger to identify and reclassify my life as it is. Thank you for this uber important work. The sponge in me salutes the griot in you.

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