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About We Are All Africans

Explore African history and culture in a way you never have before with our new book, We Are All Africans, from Palmdale, California. Our company provides educational materials that help Africans unite and integrate.

Africa’s history has been written by non-Africans, Jews, Arabs, and European White. Often we have been portrayed in unflattering terms, negative stereotypes. British historians have dismissed the subject of African history except in terms of European conquest. We have been portrayed as primitive, uncivilized, uncultured, and uneducated. In essence, Africans do not matter in world affairs, and Africa as a continent should be used to advance European interests. Our resources should be extracted for the benefit of whites, Jews and Arabs and their children. They rationalize that Africa ad Africans should be used for European, Jewish and Arab exploitation no matter the cost.

The doctrine of anti-black racism has been developed to denigrate Black people and assign them to non-entities who have been relegated to a position of slaves by Yahweh, Allah, and Jews to serve Jews, Europeans and Arabs. So Jews, Arabs and Europeans contend that the situation of African people around the world has been sanctioned by ‘God,’ So, Africans should not fret about their situation. If they have a problem with racism, then they should pray and sing, and demonstrate about the treatment they have received from Jews, Arabs, and White people through the past 2,500 years.

The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have used ‘gas lighting’ or brainwashing as a tool of psychological manipulation to covertly sow seeds of doubt in Africans, making us question our own memory, perception, or judgment of Africa and Africans, often evoking in us cognitive dissonance and other changes including low self-esteem using denial, misdirection, contradiction, misinformation, and disinformation. This ‘gas lighting’ involves attempts to destabilize us as victims and delegitimize our traditional belief systems. The result is that we deny that we have been abused, that previous abusive incidents occurred, to blaming Africans for what our abusers did to us i.e. enslaving, exploiting and subjugating us. It goes as far as even defending the actions of our abusers. The intention of this technique is to disorient Africans and focus them on promoting and perpetuating the interest of the abusers. We promote their religions, culture of anti-black racism unwittingly. Worshipping them and promoting their divinity over us. We defend their horrible actions, and promote them to African society as benevolent benefactors.

Divide and conquer as a technique, has been used to separate and divide African descendants into groups and subgroups fighting and feuding against each other to the detriment of all Africans. As a result we are fragmented into opposing camps of us versus them.

We Are All Africans as an organization has taken on the responsibility to become agents of transformational change by promoting accurate information about Africans to inform and educate Africans and the rest of the world about African contributions to the world during the brief period of human existence..

Our lectures, online seminars, and educational materials are available in digital format, DVD and CD, downloads and soon in newspaper form. Our book exposes all three major religions as tools of racial supremacy by Jews, Europeans and Arabs to destroy African culture, history, traditions and spirituality of our ancestors.

It also offers insight in dehumanization, genocide and exploitation of the African people by the people who brought us Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We fight to eliminate foreign religions that have destroyed African spirituality and African values and replaced with divisive cultures of our enemies.

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