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We at We Are All Africans have been busy developing a new Pan African magazine for our African family. The magazine is now available. Below is a description, goal, objectives and how you can help in the distribution of this much needed magazine.

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We Are All Africans is excited to release a new Pan African magazine:




“Sankofa – Reclaiming Our Heritage”
The Purpose of the magazine:

This publication has been developed to address serious issues that affect the global African family but we are afraid to discuss. African people are in a state of disrepair worldwide. We can point fingers at a lot of culprits responsible for our situation. Various attempts have been made in the past with varying successes and failures. But it seems we are not making the progress needed to lift up our people, so we are at a standstill. The more pessimistic ones among us will say that we are retrogressing in a number of fronts – politically, socially, economically and in health.

For a long time, there has been a lot of talking, complaining, and praying to some unknown gods.  But our condition remains unchanged – without improvement. Wherever we are, whatever country we are in, we are at the bottom of social and economic stratification but we don’t seem to know what to do. No viable concrete solutions are on the table.

The pages of this magazine will bravely, courageously, conscientiously bring to you not only commentary on social issues of the day, but provide SOLUTIONS to our problems and how we can regain a sound footing again. At least we will put solution on the table for discussion by the African family.







The Launch of Sankofa




Educate, Empower and Take Back Africa

Our objective is to empower African people to focus on the big picture of taking back the continent we have lost from our conquerors who continue to enslave us economically, politically and spiritually.

We all know that Africa was cut into pieces only 130 years ago by a process called ‘partitioning’ by the Europeans to enable them to steal, rob and exploit us. The result for Africa has been a disaster. We were hemmed in with artificial borders that has created opportunities for tribal animosity, hatred that have resulted in internecine wars between us.

As you read this, two tribes are committing heinous atrocities against each other in the newly created country of South Sudan with each group blaming the other. What a shame!

But we can end this war and all the wars in Africa.




Solution – One Government for All Africa Now

We can take Africa back, put it back together in one piece by erasing the wicked borders of exploitation, control our resources and use them to develop it for the Global African Family (GAF) and have a place we can call home. This we believe is the only solution that can lift up all African people from oppression, poverty, mental enslavement.





Re-education of African People

Before that takes place though, we have to condition ourselves and prepare our minds for the REVOLUTION for change. We have to admit that we have been mis-educated. That admission will motivate us to seek true and correct knowledge about us and pass it to the next generation.

For example many Africans believe that we are descendants of the White man. This has been taught by scientists, historians and theologians. But current information completely contradicts this. In fact Africans are the oldest people on the planet with our genealogy going back more than 100,000 years.

Our ancestors were the Paleolithic people, they were the Mesolithic people and they were also Neolithic people.

Fact: White people did not exist during the Paleolithic period. Period! Our ancestors did. White people descended from our ancestors. This is scientific.  They know this but our people don’t.

That is why it is time to reveal truth and teach it to the next generation.

Yes, it is going to require revolution in all its DIMENSIONS to take back our continent. It is going to take honesty in all of us to confront the problems we and issues that divide us, face them, discuss them honestly, and come together for a common goal of taking back our continent now.

In Sankofa Our Heritage, we will discuss ALL these issues with integrity and forcefulness.

Some may be offended by the frankness of the publication. But we cannot let emotionalism or false attachment to institutions of deception that promote White Supremacy deter us from the revolution. The revolution will go forward without the weak-minded who will try to discourage or weaken our resolve.

We will engage in fearless, and uncompromising journalism against the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions and the euro-centric educational systems for their participation in gross evil against African people.

A lot of our leaders on the continent and outside the continent are corrupt, obscenely corrupt. They profit from the exploitation of African people and will continue to cooperate with the global system of exploitation. The reason is that they are a product of the euro-centric educational and religious systems and make no attempt to re-Africanize themselves. Our ‘scholars’ and university professors are in the same boat. We have news for them.

The time has come for us to take back our land, our continent because Africa, every inch of Africa, belongs to African people, and we will not let it go to the capitalist system of exploitation nor the people who took and occupy African lands. We must take Africa back from the Europeans, Americans, Arabs and even the Chinese. We have no intention of sharing Africa with any who have taken a piece either by guns, by swords or by economic manipulation!.

In this 21st Century, we need strong-minded Africans for this revolution.

Aim of Sankofa

The aim of the Afrocentric ‘Sankofa – Our African Heritage’ magazine is to reeducate our people on their Africaness.

Indeed, African people have a lot to recover. We have a lot to relearn about our ancestors and forbearers. We have a long history of 200,000 years to learn.

Control by others

There is an Akan proverb that says: “When you grab the head of the snake the rest of it is a rope”. You can control the rest of the body by dragging it around without fear of a poisonous bite.


The African head is in the grip of Europeans’, Jews’ and Arabs’ hands. They accomplished this by deliberately miseducating us in their educational systems, religious systems, political orientations and bankrupt cultures they forced on us when they conquered us.

The time has come to free our heads by any means necessary even if it means cutting off the hands that grip our heads so we can use our heads to think of how we can control our destiny.





African Identity

In order to be strong enough to confront our enemies we have to know who we are, why we are weak and how to mobilize.

The Sankofa magazine will produce a vigorous course of study covering our origin from antiquities, advancement through history, identity, and accomplishments of our immediate and ancient ancestors.

We will defend our culture and spirituality fearlessly like it has never been done before using writings from the temples and buildings of Khemet (ancient Egypt), other known and hitherto unknown empires and cultures on the continent, literature from our great educators and scholars, and inspiration from our elders.

We have to educate ourselves!

We will encourage critical thinking and analysis, honesty and fearlessness from intimidation by our adversaries and enemies. We will rely on science and experiential reality as a source of knowledge not faith.


The War

We are at war. Our enemies brought the war to destroy to us. We have to fight back. We have no choice if we want to stay alive literally as a race. If you are an African and not in that frame of mind then you should prepare yourself for war to reclaim our heritage.

We have to free ourselves from the mental slave castles and prisons of religious indoctrination and white supremacy where we have been locked in without the ability to think or do for ourselves.

Heroes and Heroines

We need our women and girls to think, act and become the Harriet Tubmans, Yaa Asantewas, Queen Nzingas of our time because they are the custodians of our children, our future.

We need our men and boys to think and act as modern day Narmers, Nat Turners, Garveys, Nkrumahs, Bikos, Mandelas, Cabrals and so many others so they can stand up NOW and be ready to fight the WAR to take back our continent.

Warning: All the cowards with their negativity can crawl and hide in their holes until this war is over if they are afraid to join in. There will be no room for timidity and cowardice.

Rejection of European Miseducation

Before we can do that the miseducation and misinformation in our heads must go regardless of the source – educational institutions, churches mosques or synagogues. We must not look to them as a source of true knowledge about Africa and Africans. We need to fill our heads with true knowledge about ourselves – history, culture, tradition, spirituality etc.

We must return to our roots so that we can be brave enough to take on our violent and vicious enemies.

As the Honorable Marcus Garvey reminded us: “Africa is for the Africans those on the continent and abroad”.


Real and Complete History

The Bible, Koran and Talmud are gross distortions of world history, our history. Because history should begin with the first peoples of this earth – Africans.

Any History That Neglects The Root Of History Is Simply Incomplete And Should Be Looked At With Gross Suspicion And Challenged!!! To Get A Good Knowledge Of A Tree And Its Characteristics, One Has To Start From Its ROOTS Not Its Leaves.





Re-education and Re-Africanization of the African

We the descendants of Africans need to go beyond what we have been taught by miseducation and indoctrination.

The fancy degrees awarded us in their universities without African knowledge are not worth the paper they are written on because it is miseducation, misappropriation, and deception.


Dr. Ben Yochannan said that the degrees we get from the universities without African knowledge stand for these:


BS – Bull S_ _ _

MS – More S _ _ _

PhDs – Pile High Deep (S_ _ _)


We have to be careful of these Africans with these degrees without African knowledge and consciousness.

The educational systems have done a lot of damage to African people. Since the educational systems were developed by White people for white people to promote and perpetuate white supremacy, perpetual control and exploitation of African people, it behooves us to continue to educate ourselves with the abundance of knowledge we have at our disposal so that we can gain knowledge of Africa in the science, mathematics, medicine, history and so forth. Because all of that originated in Africa. There is a lot we need to learn.


This is the meaning of the word ‘Sankofa’. Those who want to learn black history must rededicate themselves to pursuing the goals of Dr. Woodson and in turn teach it vigorously and passionately to others. White Supremacy has destroyed our pride as Africans.


The magazine is focused on doing just that. So please order your copy and subscribe.

  • Sankofa discusses these topics:
  • De-Africanization of Africans
  • African Identity Crisis
  • Identifying the Cause of Black Disunity
  • Root Cause of Divisiveness – Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions.
  • Africans and the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions
  • Bible Chronology – 6,000 Year-old Universe. According to BISHOP USSHER the world was created by the Christian god in the year 4004 BC


Do you know the exact day and time of the world’s creation? Find out from Sankofa. Another Bishop gives us the time in Sankofa.

You will be surprised at what you read in the Magazine.

By the way, if you believe in the six thousand year creation story by your god, then it means there were never dinosaurs; it rules out the existence of the dinosaurs whose bones are found in natural history museums around the world.

Some of the oldest dinosaur fossils have been found in Africa.


The Lessemsaurus was a dinosaur which existed in the late Triassic period. It was present on the earth about 213 to 205 million years ago. This time period lies right at the border of the Triassic and Jurassic period, in the Norian and Rhaetian ages. It is also possible that this dinosaur survived the Triassic- Jurassic extinction event.

The remains of the Lessemsaurus were found in Argentina. Thus it is possible it could have inhabited the whole of the South American continent along with Africa. Africa and South America was a supercontinent, ‘Gondwana’ in the Triassic period.

The Lessemsaurus is believed to be an early sauropodomorph. http://www.dinosaurfact.net/Triassic/Lessemsaurus.php

South America broke off from Africa. The supercontinent was Africa not ‘Gondwana’.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the biggest fraud perpetrated on Africans and their descendants!

How have they used the Bible (OT and NT) and Koran to kill Africans?





Deadly Consequences of the Story of Adam on Africans:

Which of these ancestry trees do you believe represents African origin of humanity based on science and common sense?



Africa’s ‘Firsts’ of accomplishments

You will appreciate the 25 ‘Firsts’ of Africa’s contribution to civilization in the magazine.

Order your copy at www.weareallafricans.com






Our Global Family

You will enjoy the section ‘Our Global Family’. This section focuses on one African country on the continent and abroad. This issues is on Ethiopia. We touch its history from Dinknesh (Lucy) 2.5 million years ago to present, its accomplishment, food with recipe, and the beautiful men and women representing various cultural groups.


Africa Republic

It concludes with the only solution for all African peoples problem – one continental government without the colonial borders.

Let’s face it. The Africa Union, modeled after the EU, is a miserable failure going nowhere. The European Union is breaking up so will the African Union.

This African Union is pushed by the Europeans and the Americans to continue to keep us under the system of Partitioning and Neo-colonialism for perpetual exploitation. We must kill it and throw it in the garbage pan.


Regional Economic Blocks

The Regional Economic blocks are a fraudulent, deceptive scheme to keep us under economic colonialism under the AU.

We must scrap it and throw it in the burning fire of hell. It is another Western ploy to maintain the status quo of exploitation.

The only SENSIBLE solution to Africa’s disunity and exploitation is the destruction of the borders of partitioning and putting Africa back in one piece and establishing


There should be no borders within Africa because we are and will always be ONE PEOPLE.

The 55 colonial countries with their faux nationalism must be eliminated.


Our national identity and nationalism must be AFRICA. We should be African Nationals! Together, we can and will be the most powerful, self-reliant nation on the planet.

So Nigeria must scrapped. Ghana must scrapped. South Africa must scrapped. The neo-colonial system must be shut down, and buried and allow a new Africa to germinate and grow as the giant sequoia trees.

Whiteman’s Fear must be realized for our survival!

This is the fear of the colonialist, imperialist, capitalist and all the exploiters who pretend to be our friends. That is why they continue to keep us separated by bogus deceptive schemes like their religions, capitalist systems, socialist systems and failed political ideologies.

We must not fall for them but forcefully reject them all. They cannot do anything for us that we cannot do for ourselves.






Topics to be addressed in Sankofa:

The following are some of the topics will be addressed in future issues of ‘Sankofa Our Heritage’:

  • African Identity – Who is African and who belongs in Africa?
  • Establishing the Origin of Man and Woman in Africa 200,000 years ago by science not religion
  • Early forms of Humans – Evolution of humans
  • Establishment of Civilization in Africa (Origin of early societies and family groups in Africa)
  • African migrations within Africa
  • African migration to populate the world
  • How we know what we Know (Anthropology, Paleontology, radiometric dating methods)
  • Why Africans have the most complex DNA of all humans living today and what it means
  • Culture as a system of Laws and Rules that started in Africa
  • Growth of mini states in pre and post Khemetic (Egypt) Africa
  • The First World Empire – Khemet (before Egypt)
  • Origins of the Khemetic Empire, Dynasties, and the Great Kings and Queens
  • What we can learn from the successes and failures of Khemet
  • Descendants of the Kemites are still here but where?
  • The rise of White Supremacy and its effects on Black people
  • Fall of Khemet – Persian, Greek and Roman Conquest
  • Africa’s nightmare – The Conquest of Egypt by Arabs
  • Chattel slavery, torture and genocide by Arabs
  • European conquest and slavery of Africans
  • Judaism – a religion of arrogance – a chosen people by whom?
  • Islam – a religion of violence and terrorism
  • Christianity – a religion to promote and perpetuate White Supremacy over Africans
  • Dividing Africa for Europeans – Partitioning
  • Mental slavery, ignorance and genocide by Christianity, Judaism and Islam
  • Slavery and forced labor in lands of enslavement
  • Effects of colonialism, partitioning, and slavery on the psyche of African generations
  • Political slavery by neo-colonialism
  • Complacency, fear and lack of vision by African leaders
  • Tribute to our ancestors and fearless leaders who were eliminated by White Supremacy
  • Action Now! – Solutions to our problems
  • A new vision for Africa and African people
  • Re-Africanization of the de-Africanized Africans -Embracing our Africaness
  • The REVOLUTION to take back our continent – Mobilization of the brave to take back our Continent
  • African Republic – One Government for all African people
  • Structure of a single protagonist and collaborative African government (uniquely African)
  • The African constitution – role of men, women and the young
  • Re-stablishing MAAT as spirituality and culture for Africans
  • Integration of the extra continental Black Countries into the Africa Government – Caribbean, Central America, Bahia, Ceara (Black Brazil) and other island countries
  • Our role and participation in standing up and restoring Africa to its greatness
  • The roadmap for establishing one African Government – how to get there from here
  • Benefits of Republic of Africa now and the future to all Africans – unification of the people into one family:
    • Control and consolidation of all our resources
    • Promotion of free trade and commerce within economic development of the entire continent – north to south, east to west
    • Establishment of industries to produce finished goods in our own factories with our raw materials
    • Infrastructure development – railways, roads, electricity grids,
    • Workforce training,
    • Immigration and repatriation of the African diaspora of diaspora and land distribution
  • Establishment of Imhotep schools of Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Science etc. across the continent and in the diaspora for a professional workforce and research.
  • Military – Establishment of the Africa High Command consisting of  Air Command, Land Command, Sea Command, and Internal Security
  • Why and How we can defeat and kill White Supremacy now
  • And so much more.





Periodicity and coverage:

The magazine will be published quarterly during 2017 but will be published monthly later as readership increases and distribution channels and logistics are established. In the near future,
we will have the magazine translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.


How to use Sankofa Our Heritage:

It is an instrument to build a base of knowledge about Africa and African people and strengthen African families.

It can be used for weekly family or group study.

This can stimulate conversation around the family table and help raise young Africans to be critical thinkers and leaders and also mobilize and erase the divisiveness within us and unite us. We encourage family heads to subscribe and get a copy for each family member.

Remember, the information we intent to bring to you cannot be found in any Eurocentric textbooks. You will need to keep every issue for your children and grandchildren.

This will not be a throw-away magazine but a magazine that can be used in conjunction with ”We Are All Africans – Exposing the Negative Influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions on Africans” to replace ALL the Christian, Islamic and Judaic publications in the house. Books on these religions have done much harm to suppress African knowledge. It is time to clean house and get rid of them.

It is time to learn the truth, the real truth, about ourselves and teach our children the same. An abbreviated online version will be available at SankofaourAfricanheritage.com. The full version will be available in print only.





Sales Agents and Distributors Wanted

Do you need a full-time or part-time job?

How you can benefit as a distributor:

We can all make some money while we help promote and distribute the magazine of TRUTH.

We are looking for people who can sell it on a full time or part time basis.


Independent Agent

If you sign up, you can represent us as an independent agent or distributor. Our commission will be 20%. If you have a storefront and you can sell a volumes you can call us about commission. If you can get other distribution channels to sell it and your commission will be 5% of the sale and the channel will receive 20%.

If you personally sell 1,000, your commission will be $2,000. If you get a store to sell 1,000 your commission will pay you $500 (50c per copy) and the store commission will be $2,000. This means you can make more money if you can get more stores in your area to sell it. If you can get 10 stores to sell 10,000 copies then you can collect $5,000 a month. Of course you will have to deal with the tax man at tax time.

Contact us at sankofa@weareallafricans.com or call 877.207.1497





Uniqueness of Sankofa Our Heritage

Remember there is no black magazine that promotes this comprehensive and educational information like Sankofa. Black people are hungry for this, especially the young ones.

The following are a few suggestions on where you can sell it:

  • To family and friends
  • The Malls – especially with Christmas shoppers
  • Train stations (Subways, Metro) in large cities – commuters can read on their way to and from work on long commutes
  • Bus stops – people who ride the bus to wherever
  • Airport – travelers especially those flying cross country or long journeys across the oceans to Africa, Europe, South America, Caribbean and East
  • Colleges and University book stores and libraries, especially the black colleges and universities, also private school
  • Stadiums and arenas during sports and entertainment events
  • Community events for Black History Month and other festivals
  • Museums – especially for those in Washington DC area, the new African American History Museum (Yes, I am a life time member)


Even though the magazine is geared towards African people’s readership we have to admit that all educated people have been deceived by the Eurocentric educational systems and the so-called major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So everybody can enjoy and benefit from reading it, if they are honest with themselves. Do not hesitate to introduce it to Hispanics, Asians and even White people for we are all victims of miseducation.


We will accept comments and suggestions on any articles covered in the.

You can submit them online to editor@weareallafricans.com.






Articles from other Pan African writers

We will also accept articles for inclusion from African scholars, journalists, historians, radio personalities, commentators, and educators on Africa affairs on any subjects that will help us free ourselves, uplift us and move African people forward.

Please submit real and practical solutions to our problems and any of the challenges we face and not the customary useless rants and complaints.

Order your copy at www.weareallafricans.com


Description of Sankofa:

Sankofa is a four-color magazine.

Price: $20.00

Size: 64-pages


We will offer yearly subscription when we begin to publish monthly. For now, you can order the single copy online at www.weareallafricans.com

It will make for a worthwhile gift to an intellectual. During this season of giving.

Advertising sales persons Wanted

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Order your copy and seriously consider being an agent or distributor.

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So get your copy, get excited and sell Sankofa to help disseminate OUR STORY, the only TRUTH about Africans.

Help mobilize African people to take back our continent!

Don’t sit back, get involved as a soldier of this great revolution to reeducate ourselves and take back out continent!

This is our century to make a change.

This is Africa’s time to wake up!

We can all be agents of change.

It will take you and me and a whole lot of ready volunteer soldiers to do it.

Help educate our people and mobilize for Action because change in Africa and black world will never come by praying to Jesus or Mohammed or Moses but only by us.

That is the HONEST truth!





Publishing Rights

We reserve the right to publish any articles, questions and comments that we feel is beneficial to our family and readers. Articles may be edited prior to publication.

Reference is made to the book “We Are All Africans – Exposing the Negative Influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions on Africans (WAAA).

I wish all you my African family a happy and safe holiday season.


Kwadwo Obeng, Managing Editor

Kaptain Ti, Designer

Publishers: We Are All Africans, Inc., Palmdale, California